I spent most of my Friday morning held up at the pediatrician. Now, I can’t complain (remember, I’m not complaining?), but I had big plans for going shopping for a new winter coat. Friday is my only morning off of work, and I tend to jam pack it with a mix of Shabbos preparation, errands and my own few indulgences. Friday afternoon that day was a dizzying marathon of cooking, cleaning and running after kids, and Shabbat dinner was much of the same (minus the cooking). By 10PM, just when I kicked up my feet, my son conveniently caught our school’s notorious stomach bug–in all its glory. Oh, and did I mention that it was our 10th anniversary?

Lucky for us, we found a babysitter for Saturday night, thanks to our friends who donated their daughter to our cause. Just 10 minutes north, in Evanston is SPACE, a cozy concert venue that features great shows nearly every night. We saw a two-hour fantastic show from Webb Wilder–who we never heard of before that night but thoroughly enjoyed.

My husband wondered out loud why more of our friends don’t know about such a great venue, so near our neighborhood. I couldn’t help but wonder why we don’t go more there often. So I’m taking care of both. Check out SPACE. And we’ll see you there.

2 thoughts on “Great music, only minutes away

    1. who knew? i even listen to that station. maybe i missed him b/c of the baby screaming. or the 8 yr.-old screaming. or the 4 yr.old? maybe the 6 yr old. take your pick.

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