Somewhere in between my 5(!) carpools yesterday, I had a few minutes with nothing to do but wait. **Warning: this can be dangerous anywhere near a Starbucks drive-thru.

I decided to splurge on a tall latte, which rang up to $3.14. That would be $.12 more than the last time I got a Starbucks, so somewhere in the past few months the price of this already-ridiculously-overpriced-SMALL drink went up. I begrudgingly paid for my drink, gulped it down too fast (it’s almost all froth, after all) and swore I wouldn’t get one again–unless, of course, someone else is paying.

So, here’s to my fabulous brew-it-at-home mocha. It’s easy, light and cheap. The key is a French Press.

1. Every few evenings I grind about 1/2 cup of medium or dark roast Trader Joe’s fair trade beans, add cocoa powder and store it in a Tupperware. I use a mini Cuisinart for the grinding, and while there are expensive coffee grinding machines out there, my plan here was to save money, remember?

2. Before I go to bed, I scoop 3T of coffee into the French Press.

3. In the morning I pop 10 oz. of water in the microwave until nearly boiling and pour it over the coffee. Stir and wait at least 3 minutes.

4. I add one packet of Stevia and 1/2t vanilla to 3 oz. of whole milk and microwave that for 1 minute.

5. I pour the coffee in the cup and cover it with the milk.

9T freshly ground coffee
1/2t cinnamon
1T cocoa powder
3oz. milk
1/2t vanilla
1 packet of Stevia

Make mocha according to the directions above.

But if it’s a really rough morning (or afternoon), make it a shake.

1 Brew-it-at-home mocha
1T oats
1 banana
2 packets of Stevia
2 more oz. milk

Make mocha according to directions above. Put it in a blender with 2 more oz. milk, banana, Stevia, oats and a few pieces of ice. Blend until smooth.

Use a hand mixer to mix the cream until it forms peaks–usually about 4-5 minutes. (Don’t worry, your kids will love doing it for you.) Add the sugar and vanilla when it’s done. This will stay in the fridge for several days if you don’t gobble it up.

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