With the amount of food I buy at the farmers’ market, produce store, Trader Joes and a bulk food store–I’ve been spending less and less time in Jewel these days. But this past Friday finally put me over the edge. Perhaps it was the $4.29 bag of Lays potato chips, the $4.99 tub of yogurt or the $.69 lemons. Or maybe it was when I waited in line for 15 minutes (with no progress) and then abandoned my full cart at the checkout that led to my drastic measures. But here goes: I am no longer shopping at Jewel (bli neder!).

This isn’t a bad break up. No bitter feelings at all. I am just no longer interested in over-priced, lower quality food. At Jewel, you get what you pay for: convenience. I’ve come to the radical conclusion that my family deserves better.

So here’s my plan. I’m hoping it will save me money without adding too much time to my schedule. We’ll see how long I last!

Buy produce at the farmers’ market, when available, and the produce store in the winter.
Buy most groceries at Target–milk, OJ, lunch foods, baking goods, etc.

Semi Monthly:
Trader Joes is where I like to buy most products–even kosher chicken and cheese. They’re cheaper, usually
healthier, and always better. The problem is the location. I just emailed them to request a location near me.
Please do the same if you live here!

Monthly or Bimonthly:
Buy bulk foods at JD Mills.
Stock up on meat at Hungarian.

Wish me luck!

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