After summer’s last hurrah at the pool yesterday, we arrived home at 5:30PM on what was the first school night of the year. I sent my 8-yr.-old to watch the baby and hoped it would last for 5 minutes so that I could throw dinner together. The perfect grub in 5-10 minutes? Fish tacos.

For anyone who likes fish, and even for someone who merely tolerates it, fish tacos are fabulous to make and enjoy. Last night I made five pieces of tilapia for the tacos, and everyone–even my picky 4-yr.-old–ate every last bite.

1 piece of tilapia per person
T butter
juice of one lime
2 scallions, roughly chopped
2-3 corn tortillas per person
shredded spinach
1 avocado
mozzarella cheese
salsa (see my recipe)
sour cream (optional)

Saute the tilapia over butter on medium heat until browned–it’s okay if it breaks into pieces (You could also bread and fry them, but this takes longer). Add scallions and saute 1 minute more. Squeeze lime juice over the mixture. Warm tortillas on a tray at 300 for 3 minutes. Layer spinach, fish, avocado, cheese and salsa over the tortillas and fold over.

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