I really had to embrace my crunchy side for this one. And I wasn’t going to tell anyone. But here I am, posting Exhibit A on the right. Let’s hope he doesn’t taunt me for it when he’s older.

I’m hoping that by the time my son is old enough to ask me why I put him in cloth diapers, they will be more prevalent. They already are in certain areas of Chicago, like Evanston and Lincoln Park. But just in case he wants to know why he was one of the only babies in the neighborhood in cloth, here’s what I’ll tell him:

1. Disposable diapers–depending on when you potty train and which brand you buy–can cost between $2000-$3500. Yours cost $300, and we bought one of the most expensive cloth options for convenience. (We like the Bum Genius from Target.com)

2. Disposable diapers generate a ton (literally) of garbage each year. That’s 3 ton per kid, and it takes over 500 years to decompose. After food, diapers generate the most garbage in landfills. You generated none. Even your wipes were cloth.

3. Your diapers were cute, with bright colors and even polka dots, they looked more like clothes.

4. It really wasn’t so gross. I stored the dirty ones in a sealed laundry basket, washed twice a week and used a flushable liner, so I never put solid waste in our washer.

5. To save a few thousand dollars, I did a little more dirty work–which turned out to be not so dirty and not so much work.

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